Wednesday, December 21, 2016

So What The Hell Is This?

Collectively, we have nearly thirty years of MN sports blogging experience.  And we've been fans of MN sports teams our whole lives.  It's a great scene, vibrant and rich.  But that's because the teams give us so much agita.  It builds character even as it tears at our heart strings.

But we started realizing that there was more we wanted to talk about than the teams' most-recent devastating loss.  We've grown up since we started blogging.  We have careers, and relationships, and kids, and all kinds of other stuff.  Now, when we're at a game, we spend the down time talking about that stuff, as much as the game itself.  Hey, wait a minute...  Boom.

We hope this will be a place where we can stretch out and riff on a wide array of topics.  And interact with others - that's really the goal.  The shared sacrifice of fans of MN sports teams has always been a good environment for commiseration.  We promise we won't be afraid to go into the corners of social topics, and all we ask is that you engage us in civil, if heated, discussion when so moved.

See you out there, in the concourse.

Please join us in the message boards to discuss the articles, and everything else.