Tuesday, January 3, 2017

So Much Mine: Duck? Goose?

There are things that you don't think of when you first become a dad, and they can throw you off. But first lets take a step back.

I'm a Minnesotan, that is what my birth certificate says.

I'm as much as a homer (#oneofus) as the next Minnesotan. I cheer for MN sports teams in the sports I don't care about. I taught my son the UofM rouser. We watch the State HighSchool Hockey Tournament.

I have now lived in South Dakota longer than I have lived in Minnesota. I have attended more homing coming football games, parades, etc than I ever did back home. As much as I love standing on the shore of a clean Minnesota lake I am just as comfortable standing on the shores on South Dakota's rivers. I wouldn't miss being in Minnesota for deer opener, just like I wouldn't miss walking a field for South Dakota's Pheasant season.

I still have love for my home state, so when my son was born it was hard not to buy him on of the cute onesies that have become popular.

Because he's a South Dakotan, that is what his birth certificate says.

So when my wife informed me that our son was learning to play a new game at daycare I should have seen it coming...

Duck Duck Grey Duck

I remember when we first moved to South Dakota and we played Duck Duck Goose in PE. How something so simple could throw a kids brain for a loop I'll never know. I don't remember ever being picked on for it, but who knows.

As stupid as it sounds Duck Duck Grey Duck has been symbol of comradeship between myself and Minnesotans I have met working/living in South Dakota. May be it is like growing up in the south where everything is a Coke?

As a dad this was my first realization that he would grow up differently than I did for reasons other than exposure. My father did a great job of taking me to ever sporting event growing up. How else can you explain a hockey play son from parents that had no knowledge of the sport? So that tradition has continue with my son as well.

Currently we have not been able to take him to a hockey game. The local indoor rink is rather loud. The purposely crank music to create an atmosphere which is prohibitive to taking a 2 year old to. It is finally cold enough that our towns outdoor rink is ready. I hope to take him out so he can hear skates on ice, pucks hitting sticks,etc. But I know in the back of my head that he may not like hockey. I don't like basketball or football which are my father favorite sports.

My Father's favorite phrase when I was growing up was "You'll understand when you have kids someday". As I have gotten older and now I have a son I've found that phrase to have multiple meanings. Life is more complicated than you think when you are younger. But also that try as you might, you kids will be your kids and as much as you want to them to do or like something, it may not end up that way.

I'm looking forward to see what my sons finds that ties him to his home state, South Dakota. What ties your home state?

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